If you are a musician or student looking for guidance or coaching in order to develop your songwriting skills, I can work together with you to make sure your current and future work benefits from:

  • A clear understanding of the craft involved in creating a song or working with lyrics including any needed music theory background when relevant.
  • Learning the differences between musical ideas, arrangements,  music production and actual songs.
  • Learning writing techniques based on genre, style, film/scoring or market trends.
  • Incorporating a daily work ethic that will enable you to avoid writer’s blockage.
  • Analysing and benefiting from techniques used on classic songs of all genres.
  • Music production techniques  that honour the song: learning about “less is more” and “playing/singing for the song”

This sessions can be booked as regular classes, as a one-off session/day or turned into a workshop for groups. Please contact for detailed arrangements.