Luis Cano (Barcelona, Spain, 1978)

I graduated as classical piano teacher in Spain at the CONSMUPA Music Conservatory of Oviedo and as Qualified Teacher with Music specialism at the UAM University of Madrid. Passionate about all things music, I had the privilege of receiving one to one tutoring by the prestigious spanish pedagogue Miguel Gomis for more than two decades, who supported me in becoming not just an accomplished musician but a professional able to find the answers to all the so-called mysteries of piano technique, composition and interpretation. This has enabled me to transfer my knowledge and skills confidently and with the same determination for the next generation of musicians. For more than 20 years I have been combining my roles as professional musician, songwriter, producer and teacher,  including earning a Diploma in Music Production and Keyboards at the London Centre of Contemporary Music where I was able to learn, discuss with  and play alongside the best session musicians and singers from the UK and the International scene. In addition to this, many of my former students are now performing and recording around the world in musical formations of all styles and genres empowered by my teachings around music, theoretical understanding, self-analysis and freedom within the art form.

Since I arrived to the UK in 2006 I acquired a deep  understanding and have a proven track record of outstanding practice when teaching music to a wide range of SEN students, also  using music as a way to empower individuals towards independence via the use of transferable skills (from music to independent living skills).

It will be a pleasure to meet you and work together in learning, creating and playing music….YOUR music!

Luis Cano

-I hold QTS plus updated DBS on request-